Wellness & Fitness

We take your well-being to heart in the perfect balance between body and mind.

The perfect balance between body and soul.
To pamper our guests, together with a wide range of massages carried out by professionally trained staff. Our spa department also provides different relaxing and energizing activities to make you reach the perfect balance between body and mind. A personal trainer will follow you during every stage of your individual goal-driven program.

Pilates & Yoga Pilates

Mat Pilates e Pilates with Peak Pilates’s machine

We follow Joseph Pilates’ method, implemented with the new myofascial techniques. This advance technique is performed and adapted on specific machines.


It is a combination of pilates exercises and Yoga sequences, combined together to create a divergent Fitness class.

This will allow you to:

  • mobilise the spine
  • stretch the muscles, tone them up and minimise the risk of being subjected to injuries
  • work on the deep muscles that aren’t usually involved in the absence of gravity
  • improve joint mobility and flexibility
  • increase body awareness and movement control
  • improve your general postural attitude. As a consequence, it is also possible to observe aesthetic improvements, the reduction and/or the disappearance of chronic backache and headache.

Grazie ai nostri programmi è possibile:

  • mobilizzare la colonna
  • allungare i muscoli e renderli tonici riducendo al minimo il rischio di subire traumi
  • lavorare su muscoli più profondi che normalmente non vengono utilizzati in assenza di gravità
  • migliorare la mobilità articolare e la flessibilità
  • aumentare la percezione del proprio corpo ed il controllo del proprio movimento
  • migliorare l’assetto posturale generale. Come conseguenza si hanno, oltre ad evidenti miglioramenti estetici, la diminuzione e/o totale scomparsa di problemi come il mal di schiena e il mal di testa cronici

Fuctional Training

It includes an infinitive variety of exercises and training sessions that go from breathing to circuit trainings, mixed according to the participants to provide a fun and explosive training.


Practicing gym in the water: helps weight loss and toning your body, it’s fun and it’s an easy + ideal for every age
drains water retention performing a lymphatic drainage massage to the whole body
helps to shape the body.

With only a few sessions: you can observe a reduction within your body circumferences, drains water retention and trains the heart, improves the venous circulation.