We take care of you,
as well as of our planet.


Our eco-friendly hospitality practices, helps us maintain one of them most important aspects of our brand.

Like a promise, our facility is committed on a daily basis to achieve specific goals in the reduction of emissions, in being eco-compatible and guaranteeing long-term sustainability while respecting the planet.

We take measurable actions to keep the polluting impact to a minimum: from water saving to energy conservation, up to the reduction of food waste. This is a vital part of our brand DNA, which has been international appraised.
Our commitment in reaching a delicate balance between conservation and public consumption is steady and careful. To protect and preserve our ecosystems, we are committed to support a sustainable design and building, the real soul of biodiversity. Together with water and energy saving, we choose local and zero food miles products, with low environmental impact. We promote sustainable mobility, by providing ecological vehicles and alternative solutions. We have also minimised our carbon footprint, by limiting our consumption of energy and production of waste.
It is an important commitment we are constantly working on, in order to preserve our beautiful landscapes.