Golden sand

A day lounging by the sea is for many the ultimate indulgence.

Under the blazing Italian sun, nuzzled in the golden sands of Verslia, Twiga Beach transcend every notion of mere beach bear by presenting the absolute aestival experience, a day on the beach at Twiga. The Twiga experience is an authentic tribute to pleasure, in recognition to the fervour and brio of Forte Dei Marmi, as captioned by Twiga. Now you can fully enjoy the simple pleasures of life in Versilia as you are daydreaming on an Arabian gazebo, made with high quality mahogany and steel, features two mattresses, one director chair, protected under the soft shape of an Italian handmade umbrella. All of this comes with the ultimate total privacy, and reserved cabins, a heated seawater swimming pool, and an attentive costumer service.

Luxury beach tents

We have 45 arabic tents 4 x 4 meters equipped with three soft beds – 2 deck chairs – 2 beds with mattress – a director – a 3-seater sofa and a table with internal compartment. The water service to the tent is always guaranteed for free.

Exclusive service

A main cabana 6 x 5 meters by the sea with 2 two-seater sofas – 2 chest-long sofas – 3 soft beds – 2 beds with mattress.