Our Story

The everlasting summer night’s dream that turns into unforgettable memories. Twiga Beach Club, was founded in 2001 by Flavio Briatore. His main vision was to implement excellence into entertainment in order to create the perfect scenery for the most memorable summer holidays. Briatore’s plan allowed the creation of an exclusive oasis that marks the rhythm of the nightlife in the Tuscan region of Italy, while enjoying traditional and culinary innovation.

Twiga makes you enter a summer dream, that involves living intensely with your friends or your family, where every moment will become a precious one.

Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Tantalizing tastes enlivened with the most exquisite ingredient man can find and the prolific genius of the Twiga chefs.
A perfect combination between precious experiences and new culinary influences. On the core of all the Twiga Sumosan culinary creations is the zeal devotion to our Italian and Japanese food paired with the most diverse ambiance.

Dine’N Dance


From the night parties that seem to immerse from the seas at just the right moment, as the DJ senses the mood of the beach and acts accordingly, to the spectacular concerts that illuminate the nights with the glamour of stars, a Twiga party is the talk of the town for months as the hottest names in local and international entertainment are featured in parties organized throughout the summer.

Wellness Beach

The perfect balance between body and soul.
To pamper our guests, together with a wide range of massages carried out by professionally trained staff.

Wellness & Fitness

At Twiga Beach Club // Twiga Forte dei Marmi, our spa department also provides different relaxing and energizing activities to make you reach the perfect balance between body and mind.

A personal trainer will follow you during every stage of your individual goal-driven program of acqua-gym and pilates.